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Municipal Law

This section is dedicated to municipal law and covers several aspects of the legal interactions between citizens and their municipality. In fact, it covers a… Read more »

Labour and Employment Law

Good labour relations between employers and their employees are fundamental to the prosperity of any business. Employees who are aware of their obligations will be… Read more »

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Environmental Law

The environment is a hot topic that is constantly evolving. Indeed, the public is increasingly aware of and preoccupied by the importance of protecting the… Read more »

Tax Law

The legal field of taxation is far from simple given that it is intimately linked to several finance and accounting principles and concepts. That being… Read more »

Real Estate and Construction Law

Real estate and construction law is a highly regulated field that is constantly evolving. Indeed, building contractors may be subject to more than 2,000 occupational… Read more »

Law of Succession

Proper estate planning will ensure the perpetuation of your estate and the proper management of your patrimony, in addition to avoiding problems for your loved… Read more »

Bankruptcy and Restructuring

The different insolvency proceedings, such as bankruptcy designed to protect an insolvent debtor, may be difficult to understand by both debtors who wish to be discharged… Read more »

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Professional and Disciplinary Law

For any professional, the right to practise a profession represents the culmination of several years of study and many sacrifices. Whenever the member of a… Read more »

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is an asset that comprises ideas, inventions, creations, new technologies, trademarks, original software, industrial designs, unique processes and then some. The fact of… Read more »

Education Law

Whether you are a student, a professional in the education sector or an administrator, you may eventually end up facing financial or legal difficulties. If… Read more »

Transport Law

The legal structure of transport law is made up of a variety of provincial and federal laws that legislate the different means of transportation. Depending… Read more »

Contract Law

Whether in business undertakings, labour relations or family law agreements, contract law is constantly invoked when it comes to establishing parameters for certain situations well before they actually become… Read more »

Criminal and Penal Law

Facing criminal or penal charges is always a great source of insecurity and uncertainty. Indeed, the consequences of such charges may be decisive for the… Read more »

Class Actions

A class action is defined by the Code of Civil Procedure as “a procedural means enabling a person who is a member of a class of… Read more »

Services to SMEs

Starting up a small or medium enterprise (SME) is, for any entrepreneur, a culmination as well as the beginning of great challenges. Faced with these challenges, it… Read more »

Youth Law

When a child’s interests are at stake, nothing must be left to chance. Decisions that are made pursuant to youth law may have serious consequences… Read more »

Small Claims

Anyone can be at risk one day of being caught up in a situation that involves the judicial system. Whether it’s a case of neighbourhood… Read more »