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Intellectual property is an asset that comprises ideas, inventions, creations, new technologies, trademarks, original software, industrial designs, unique processes and then some.

The fact of protecting your intellectual property gives you an exclusive right over what you create. This right, which is known as an intellectual property right, is not negligible seeing as it represents an important competitive advantage on the market, notably in that it enables the company that holds it to:

  • be the only one to be able to profit from its intellectual property;
  • prevent competitors from copying, imitating or reproducing its products or services;
  • protect its distinct identity, its reputation and its trademark.

The Bernier Fournier team can provide you with assistance with all aspects of intellectual property rights and help you to incorporate intellectual property into your business strategies, notably by providing you with advice regarding potential procedures to obtain an intellectual property right and by evaluating potential risks that may be associated with such procedures while assisting you from the beginning to the end of the process. We believe that it’s important, from the start-up of a business, to look into protecting its intellectual property. The procedure that applies to obtain an intellectual property right will differ depending on the type of right that you are seeking to protect. For example, it is possible to file applications in matters involving:

  • copyrights;
  • trademarks;
  • industrial designs;
  • patents.

Our team can also accompany you in the negotiation and drafting of contracts for the purpose of authorizing third parties to use your intellectual property rights in exchange for consideration or yet of enabling you to use other companies’ intellectual property.

Disputes that arise in the field of intellectual property have their nuances and particularities and are different from those that arise in civil and commercial matters. The Bernier Fournier team possesses the necessary knowledge and expertise to represent you and develop strategies while keeping in mind the objective which is to settle the dispute to your satisfaction. Our lawyers can provide you with information on your rights and help you to protect your brand image, your innovation or your creation or yet to minimize the damage caused by third-party claims.