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Proper estate planning will ensure the perpetuation of your estate and the proper management of your patrimony, in addition to avoiding problems for your loved ones at the time of your death. Our skilled professionals are able to adapt solutions to your needs. To this effect, our team will be able to analyze your personal and financial situation and make creative suggestions to you on how to bequeath the patrimony that you took a lifetime to build.

Also, following the death of a loved one, you may see yourself assigned the serious responsibilities that come with liquidating a succession. It may be difficult to see clear through it all and that is where we can come into play, to support you throughout this process.

Whether you are seeking to draft a will or to liquidate a succession, the Bernier Fournier team can provide you with guidance to make sure that everything unfolds smoothly. With that in mind, we offer you several services, including:

  • Drafting a will
  • Contesting the validity of a will or its clauses
  • Supporting the liquidator of a succession
  • Succession planning or business transfer
  • Tax planning
  • Settling a succession