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Whether you are a student, a professional in the education sector or an administrator, you may eventually end up facing financial or legal difficulties. If that is the case, the lawyers at Bernier Fournier have the tools needed to advise you, accompany you and represent you at every step of the process to defend your rights and your interests. For example, they are experienced in accompanying students dealing with university disciplinary councils that ultimately have the power to expel them—a dire consequence for any student.

Our firm’s professionals are aware of the multidisciplinary reality of education law and use an approach that enables them to engage this multidisciplinarity to the advantage of their clients.

The lawyers at Bernier Fournier can help you with issues involving education law, including:

  • Summons to present yourself before a disciplinary committee, whether you are a student or a professional
  • Everyday management and settling of corporate disputes
  • University research committees and ethics
  • Workplace disputes in an academic context
  • Settling of disputes and civil suits

Schools may also be called upon to:

  • Apply for the accreditation of a private school
  • Collect sums covering unpaid school fees (in the case of private institutions)
  • Negotiate agreements with suppliers
  • Inform the members of the governing board of their rights and obligations as school administrators

The lawyers at Bernier Fournier have experience in all aspects directly or indirectly related to education law. With their versatility and spirit of cooperation, they can guide you through this complex area of law while taking into account both your preoccupations and your legal and financial interests.