Expertises connexes

Bernier Fournier has a strong background in the field of civil law. Indeed, as the firm has grown, several dynamic lawyers have joined forces with Me Bernier and they form a solid team capable of settling all types of civil disputes to your satisfaction.

In almost all cases, we believe that we are able to take action within extremely tight timelines to protect your rights, handle every aspect of the case and provide you with our full support. You can rely on our promptness and global vision to provide you with impeccable service.

Bernier Fournier’s team is unique when it comes to civil law, in its wide diversity of experience, its efficiency and its personalized approach. These advantages enable our team to identify or negotiate the most advantageous solution in each case.

We represent our clients before all of the courts having jurisdiction to hear civil law cases involving redress in the following fields:


  • Negotiation and drafting of agreements and contracts
  • Performance or cancellation of contracts
  • Account collection
  • Passing of title applications
  • Unfair competition

Liability and Compensation

  • Damages and civil liability (personal injury and property damage)
  • Defamation, invasion of privacy or damage to reputation
  • Medical and professional liability
  • Insurance and indemnification
  • Class action
  • Consumer rights

Real Estate Law

  • Surveying, boundary marking, servitudes and neighbourhood disturbances
  • Acquired rights, acquisitive and extinctive prescriptions
  • Co-ownership and condominiums
  • Latent defects
  • Mortgages and priorities