Bernier Fournier, a firm of passionate, invested and committed lawyers

The law firm was founded in 1998 by Me Serge Bernier and Me Catherine Fournier, and in 2008, Me Miguel Mpetsi-Lemelin joined them. In June 2016, Me Maxime Lauzière et Me Daniel Wysocki were also appointed as partners. Since its founding, the firm has experienced a strong expansion during which many lawyers have joined the team. To date, no less than 30 people work for the firm. Whether they are young professionals who recently graduated from the École du Barreau du Québec, passionate lawyers, or more experienced ones, some of whom are returning to practice after a term on the bench, among other things, the firm is diversified and has the right balance of knowledge, dynamism, and experience. This reality directly serves our clientele, who benefits from the advice and wisdom of more experienced lawyers as well as from the enthusiasm and recent knowledge of the law of the younger ones.

Through its diversity, the firm has been able to develop expertise in a wide range of legal field, including commercial law, commercial litigation, family law, civil law, labour and employment law, criminal and penal law, tax law, construction law, municipal law, bankruptcy law, professional and disciplinary law and transport law.

Although each lawyer has a specific field of expertise in which he or she practices on a daily basis, all have the necessary skills to adequately answer various legal questions relating to other areas of law. This ability to practice in a variety of fields allows the firm’s lawyers to approach their cases with greater depth and to have a better overview of the various legal issues.

Moreover, some of the firm’s lawyers do not hesitate to offer trainings to the legal community in order to keep its members informed of the new developments in case law. The firm also collaborates with the Université de Sherbrooke as part of the bachelor of laws’ cooperative program allowing six (6) students to work within the firm each year for a period of four (4) months, thus offering them a concrete work experience. As well, the firm regularly welcomes recent graduates of the École du Barreau du Québec in order for them to complete their professional internship, offering them a stimulating environment and a diverse and dynamic involvement.

In closing, Bernier Fournier has a strong presence in the business community due to the involvement of its lawyers on board of directors such as the Jeune Chambre de commerce de Drummondville, the Fondation du Collège Saint-Bernard, the Parrainage civique Drummond, to name a few. Some lawyers are also members of associations such as the Club de Richelieu de Drummondville and the Club Rotary. Finally, the firm is actively involved with the Barreau du Québec in variouls legal committes such as the Comité de la pratique privée, the Conseil de discipline et the Conseil d’accès à la profession, as well as with the Conseil de section du Barreau d’Arthabaska and the Association du Jeune Barreau d’Arthabaska.