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This section is dedicated to municipal law and covers several aspects of the legal interactions between citizens and their municipality. In fact, it covers a wide range of situations and stakeholders involving the different powers and obligations of municipalities and their residents.

When it comes to municipal law, Bernier Fournier’s team represents both taxpayers and certain municipalities. We possess the experience and have the diligence needed to establish sustainable partnerships with our clients and support them in all of the legal aspects of their operations.

We are able to guide municipal administrations through contentious issues (for example, recourses of judicial review, penal offences or various challenges) as well as to help them negotiate and draft contracts. We also provide strategic guidance on various municipal activities (construction, public transit, environment, landfill management, ethics, access to information, public-private partnerships, agreements between municipalities, etc.).

We are also able to represent the interests of taxpayers with municipalities for a variety of recourses and challenges such as judicial reviews of administrative decisions, tax account challenges, extracontractual liability and acquired rights.

Here are some of the fields in which our team may provide you with assistance:

  • Penal offences
  • Calls for tenders and bids
  • Construction and demolition permits
  • Acquired rights
  • Land-use planning, zoning and urban planning
  • Expropriation
  • Municipal taxation (tax account or assessment)
  • Municipal extracontractual liability
  • Modifications to the development plan or city plan
  • Municipal affairs

Moreover, individuals and municipalities alike may require the assistance of our legal experts in matters regarding contracts, civil liability and insurance among many other fields. Visit our Civil Law section for more information on the services that our team provides in these fields.