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Both on a professional and personal level, technology is a part of everyday life for most of society, especially with teleworking which has become very popular recently1. Despite the independence and productivity that a laptop provides, it remains essential to stay vigilant and well-educated on cybersecurity in order to avoid fraudulent activity.

With the evolution of technology, computers now have increasingly complex IT processes. Those processes refer to the multiple operations being executed, more precisely the moment between the start of the task and the end of it. A task can start with starting a system, invoking another process or doing some other user action. With the capacity to do multiple tasks simultaneously, technological processes are now very efficient and are constantly improving. However, it is important to know how to understand them as well as to detect the symptoms of poor performances which could have serious consequences.

Well-equipped in the matter, Bernier Fournier is full of resources to assist you in the areas of cybersecurity, intellectual property as well as in the criminal aspect of it.



Our firm plays an important role in developing effective means to prevent various computer frauds. Bernier Fournier educates individuals and businesses in order to prevent IT risks and supports its clients in the event of a crisis. Your computer data is precious and our highly qualified lawyers are available to advise you throughout your procedures.


Intellectual property

Intellectual property is one of the most important assets of a business. Our team offers several services including copyright, trademarks and confidentiality agreements. We take care to protect intellectual property by knowing the risks associated with it and the possible remedies such as the Anton Piller order 2 and the Mareva injunction3 in case of emergency. In addition, we educate customers about the limits of intellectual property and possible developments without infringing the right of others.


Computer crime

The knowledge of Bernier Fournier’s team in the field of cybersecurity enables the team to provide advice adapted to reality in order to protect the personal data of our clients. Every owner of an electronic device must be aware of the risks of fraud, identity theft and cybercrime, but above all know to prevent them. Our team of lawyers is able to support our clients with appropriate remedies in each situation.


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