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When a child’s interests are at stake, nothing must be left to chance. Decisions that are made pursuant to youth law may have serious consequences and stir up a full range of emotions, namely when the result is to remove a child for his or her family. A lawyer’s assistance may prove useful to understand a decision rendered by the Direction de la protection de la jeunesse (DPJ) and evaluate the best steps to take to resolve the situation. Often, a parent’s best approach is to collaborate fully and a lawyer’s support may prove to be of great help. The lawyer can put the situation into perspective and help the parties involved to find a mutually satisfactory solution that is also in the child’s best interests.

The Bernier Fournier team has the ability to represent both parents and children in matters involving the DPJ. We can provide you with guidance in your procedures with regard to your interests and those of your child in full confidentiality.