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Real estate and construction law is a highly regulated field that is constantly evolving. Indeed, building contractors may be subject to more than 2,000 occupational laws and regulations, including laws and standards respecting occupational equity, health and safety, building codes and municipal bylaws among many others. To keep pace, a lawyer’s advice makes all the difference and can spare contractors a host of inconveniences. The Bernier Fournier team can become a reliable business partner to guide you and advise you as well as to provide you with precious peace of mind.

We offer our services to contractors who handle residential, commercial, industrial and institutional projects, in the private and public sectors, as well as to various stakeholders in the construction sector, including employers, clients, real-estate developers, materials suppliers, architects, engineers, creditors and surety companies.

Construction projects unfold in several steps during which a solid legal background represents an asset:


  • Negotiation and drafting of agreements and contracts
  • Performance or cancellation of contracts
  • Work completion date
  • Account collection
  • Construction contract insurance
  • Calls for tender and bids
  • Legal hypothecs of construction
  • Subcontractor-client relationships
  • Contract termination by the client
  • RBQ licence

Liability and Compensation

  • Damages and civil liability (personal injury and property damage)
  • Liability of construction professionals
  • Insurance and indemnification

Real Estate Law

  • Work slowdowns
  • Construction defects and faulty work
  • Construction and demolition permits
  • Divided and undivided co-ownership
  • Publication of deeds in the Land Registry
  • Drafting and analysis of commercial leases

We can also help you with the analysis of your commercial documents from a legal standard standpoint and provide you with advice on how to draft them.

We are in a position of presenting you overall outlooks of your projects and accompany through the steps leading up to completion, whether it concerns the incorporation of your company and tax planning or disputes relating to labour law. For more information on our fields of expertise in commercial matters, consult the Commercial Law section.