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Contrary to popular belief, lawyers can, like notaries, play an important role in estate planning and the execution of a will in which you have been appointed liquidator. They can further assist you through a dispute involving an estate. Whether you are an heir, liquidator, trustee or legatee, we can represent you and your rights.


Planning for the transfer of your estate can raise various issues that lawyers are well equipped to address. For example, the drafting and registering of your holograph will with the Registres des dispositions testamentaires et des mandats du Québec, the progressive passing of your business to your heirs, the creation of a testamentary trust, etc. can be handled by our lawyers that will mobilize all necessary resources in order for your goals to be achieved and your values to be respected.

When times come for the process surrounding the estate to move from planning to execution, you will no longer be present to express your wishes. This is exactly why we spare no effort to ensure that the arrangements made are the most accurate reflection of your intentions regarding your estate.

Estate liquidator

Moreover, if you have been named estate liquidator of a loved one, the tasks incumbent on you may seem as an additional burden and a source of hassle. In order to get through this necessary step in accordance with the law and the wishes of the deceased, seek the assistance of an understanding professional. Generally, the professional fees incurred are borne by the estate, not the liquidator. We can assist you in this task or be ourselves appointed estate liquidators to ensure complete peace of mind. We will then provide you with reports and will meet with you regularly for the duration of the process, for example at the time of the inventory, the payment of debts and the division of matrimonial rights. We can then mediate between the different parties involved, all of which with the utmost professionalism. In addition, as the liquidators have duties and responsibilities to the estate, if you are not satisfied with the work of a liquidator or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us to clarify the situation.

Estate litigation

All things considered, estate matters can arouse emotions, create a difficult situation and cause conflicts. The presence of a lawyer will protect your rights and ensure compliance with the intentions of the deceased or can also assist with the contest a will, which is not made according to the requirements of the law. We will review the testamentary dispositions to develop the best solution to an estate dispute, either through a settlement or through judicial proceedings. Remember that it is possible to challenge the validity of a will, even when notarized.

Mandate in case of incapacity and protective supervision

On another note, it is also crucial to prepare a mandate in case of incapacity. Indeed, in order to avoid headaches for your loved ones and uncertainty about your future, plan ahead the person who will make decisions for you in the event that you are no longer able to do so. A mandate in case of incapacity will reassure your loved ones, who will simply have to have it certified by the Court when the time comes. If a person who is dear to you seems vulnerable and seems to be unable to manage his or her affairs by himself, we urge you to contact a lawyer for advice in order to protect that person. We will advise you and provide an appropriate solution and, if necessary, we will help you set up (or contest) a protective supervision for a person of full age.

Life Insurance

Finally, if the deceased had contracted a life insurance policy, the management of these sums as well as the tax planning related to them can be a source of a lot of hassle. Let our team take care of recovering and protecting the estate that has been bequeathed to you.