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An agreement, even verbal, can be a valid contract in the eyes of the law (art. 1385 C.C.Q). Thus, not having signed any papers does not entail that you do not have any rights protected by law or that you are not bound by certain obligations.

Moreover, although the drafting of a contract in due form is often a guarantee for futur peace of mind as to the performance of contracts, it is not always the case. Whether your contract is written or verbal, when facing a counterparty that does not meet your expectations or that does not meet its commitments, do not remain idle. By reacting early, we can explain to you the available options (settlement agreement, solutions and penalties provided in the agreement, court proceedings, etc.) and minimize the financial consequences for you and your counterparty by preventing an unsatisfactory situation from lasting.

The performance, termination and cancellation of a contract are often governed by different rules depending on the type of contract in question and the counterparties involved. The process of obtaining the cancellation or termination of a contract may involve different stages during which our team can represent you:

  • Letter of demand
  • Motion to institute proceedings or a counterclaim
  • Motion for the cancellation of a contract or the reduction of the price (contract with a minor, false representations, incapacity to contract)
  • Assignment of contract
  • Interruption of a construction contract
  • End of a contract of enterprise or for services
  • Negotiations with the counterparty to reach an out of court settlement
  • Representations before the Court

We can advise and represent you for the enforcement of your rights (including, if the situation permits, claiming for damages) in cases involving any type of contract, including among others:

  • Contract of enterprise (Section 2098 C.C.Q. and following)
  • Contract for services (Section 2098 C.C.Q. and following)
  • Consumer contract (Section 3117 C.C.Q. and following)
  • Employment contract (Section 3118 C.C.Q. and following)
  • Construction contract (Section 2117 C.C.Q. and following)
  • Lease agreements (Section 1894 C.C.Q. and following)