Expertises connexes

The exercise of many professions is governed and regulated by law. Any misconduct by these professionals in exercising their profession does not fall within the scope of civil liability, but rather in professional liability. Faced with this complex situation, we strive to reach an out of court settlement for the benefit of all parties. However, when this is impossible, we can represent you to obtain compensation for the damage you have suffered due to this fault.

In the area of medical liability, we can help you, advise you and represent you when filling a complaint (and claiming damages) for wrongful or negligent medical care, surgical error, inappropriate prescription or medical treatment or erroneous diagnosis.

For example, your doctor prescribes a painkiller for your backache. This is the first time you take this medicine and you can quickly feel a number of adverse effects. You develop stomach pain and have to miss work. You go to the emergency room and find out that the pharmacist did not give you a painkiller, but another drug that has caused you these adverse effects. You do not know who is responsible and you would like to obtain compensation for the days of work you missed and the unnecessary pain you have suffered.

We can represent in this area, among others, the individuals affected by these errors, the professionals, directors and officers (private or public) involved, architects and engineers, travel agents, lawyers, notaries, accountants, doctors and pharmacists and other health professionals.