Expertises connexes

In terms of neighbour relations, the boundary between two properties can cause many dilemmas, especially if the atmosphere between the neighbours is not friendly. Among the sources of conflict, several are mentioned in the Civil Code and can be treated from a legal point of view. We offer to represent you, either in negotiations or for representations before the Court, for disputes concerning, among other things, the following points:

  • Surveying, establishing boundaries or property lines and delineating respective properties
  • Encroachment and common fences
  • Common walls
  • Flow of rainwater
  • Managing streams and bodies of water adjacent to several properties
  • Pruning or removing trees
  • Neighbourhood nuisances (animals, smells, sounds, behaviors, etc.)
  • Rights of way
  • Servitudes of all kinds

For example, your neighbor built a large shed close to the dividing line of your properties and the rainwater that flows from its roof falls over the property line onto your property and drowns you flower bed. He refuses to move this construction. The law provides that he must ensure that the roof of his building allows for the rainwater to fall onto his own property (section 483 C.C.Q.)

For several years, you have been using a path on your neighbour’s property to access the river. The residence of the neighbour was sold and the new owner has recently installed a fence, completely blocking your passage. Following a discussion, he refuses to let you go through his land to access the river. It will then be necessary to verify if the law, a contract or a will gives you the right of way at this location (section 1181 C.C.Q), because the continued use is not sufficient to create a right of way.

Whatever your situation, you can rely on our professionalism and determination to find and implement an appropriate solution.