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A trademark, in addition to being unique, aims to distinguish a company’s products and services from those offered by its competitors. Choosing and protecting a brand is crucial in a highly competitive business world. A trademark is an important concept for a company because it represents the reputation and image of the latter.

The registration of a trademark with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office has the effect of granting legal protection while conferring an exclusive right to use it in Canada, all for a period of 15 years, which can be renewed.

Our team can help you in your efforts by carrying availability researches, by issuing a legal opinion on the possibility if registering your trademark, by drafting and filing applications for registration with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office, as well as by ensuring the follow-up of your file until the registration of your trademark, all in addition to helping you to develop strategies to protect it in all Canada and abroad. Our team will guide you from the start of the development of your business and will be able to strategically advise you according to your needs and aspirations.

Do not hesitate to consult us for advice and to mandate us to negotiate various agreements relating to trademarks, for example contracts of assignment, licenses and other relevant documents.

Intellectual property with its nuances and peculiarities is distinguished from civil or commercial litigation. Bernier Fournier’s teams has the skills and expertise required to help you protect and defend you rights when a dispute and opposition to a trademark registration application arises or to ensure your protection and minimize your damage caused by claims brought against you.