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A business can take many legal forms. In fact, when a business is incorporated, there are several choices as to its legal form, including sole proprietorship, corporation, partnership and cooperative. In addition, a choice must also be made as to whether the business will be governed by federal or provincial law. Since each of these options has its own characteristics and consequences, it can be difficult to make a choice at the very beginning of the operation of a business.

As your business evolves, it may have new needs and require a change in its legal form. This process can be complex and may involve several legal manipulations and other formalities. Indeed, the current legal form of your business as well as its future form may be governed by several laws, such as the Business Corporations Act, the Act respecting the legal publicity of enterprises or even the Civil Code of Quebec. These different laws that govern the various legal forms that a business can take, each have their own requirements and terms to respect. Therefore, it is possible that changing the legal form of your business requires:

– File a registration statement;
– Filing a statement of current status;
– Dissolve and wind up the corporation;
– Filing a declaration of striking off;
– Prepare a plan of continuance;
– Draft articles of continuance;
– Filing a statement of selected name;
– Request that a registration be made in the files of the various governmental authorities;
– File an application for a Quebec business number (NEQ) or a business number with Corporation Canada;
– Obtain the necessary authorizations from another legislative authority to allow the continuation of a corporation;
– Complete the required forms;
– Paying the application fees.

With a vast experience in the business field, our team will be able to advise you on the legal form that best suits your current needs in order to make a change of form that will be advantageous for you. Whether it is for advice or for the preparation of the various documents that you will have to submit, our team is at your entire disposal to help you change the legal form of your company.