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The tax memo is a document written by a lawyer or a tax accountant in order to optimize the tax benefits of a company, while respecting the tax laws and regulations in effect.

Depending on one’s particular situation and objectives, an optimized corporate organization can reduce or eliminate certain tax burdens by splitting income, exempting certain capital gains, sharing the business limit for the qualified small business deduction (SBD) or minimizing the effect of the income attribution rules.

Implementation of a tax memo

Once the tax memo is drafted, a corporate organization for new companies or a corporate reorganization for existing companies follows to implement its recommendations. This is where the assistance of a business lawyer becomes most important: ensuring compliance with tax and corporate rules, which can be complex and have important consequences.

The Bernier Fournier team has several specialists in the field who will be able to guide you through the process surrounding the tax memo and the tax organization of your company.