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Filiation is the establishment of the legal relationship between parent and child and is established according to the biological relationship, adoption or the parental project. The law attaches rights and duties thereto. While remaining bound to the child by filiation, a parent can be deprived of its “parental authority”.

In the legal sense, parental authority is the set of rights and obligations of the parents relating to decisions that affect the well-being of children until they reach majority. However, in exceptional circumstances, a parent may be deprived of his parental authority. The following reasons have been recognized by the Courts: child abandonment, brutality or violence, sexual abuses.

The recognition of parental authority can happen if significant changes have occurred in the circumstances of the parent or the child; if the deprived parent has resolved its problems, if it can now assume its responsibilities as a parent and the interests of the children is not undermined by the recognition of parental authority.

The team at Bernier Fournier can represent while going through the difficult procedures to deprive a parent of parental authority or when going through the process of having your parental authority recognized.