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Family Law

The circumstances of life are such that many couples have to go through a separation or divorce. Experiencing a breakup is often difficult both psychologically and emotionally. In these circumstances, the important decisions such as child custody, access rights, spousal or child support and division of property are that much more difficult.

Rather than making a decision too hastily out of emotion, which may have regrettable consequences, contact us. We will help you put things into perspective and make a thoughtful decision while informing you of your rights and your obligations.

We will look into the possibility of resolving your separation or divorce with an amicable settlement, which can be faster and cheaper. If such an agreement cannot be reached, we will develop with you the best strategy to get what you deserve.

We offer the following services in the field of family law:

Over the years, we have maintained contacts with professionals in different fields, which we will be able to refer you to, whether notaries, accountants, tax specialists, psychologists, mediators, therapists and others.

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